Band Biography

BendOver is an author and club band from Belgrade. We cultivate a clean and solid rock’n’roll sound. We don’t experiment with sound and a myriad of effects, we don’t invent new genres with obscure names, our songs don’t last 19 minutes or even 2.4 seconds. Hard sound, good riff, and vocals are enough to move anyone from their place, and we believe there is enough space in our scene for a pure-blooded, uncompromising rock band. Current and former band members are musicians deeply involved in the creation and work of groups such as Made in China, Groovebox, Sevdah metal band, (un)normal band, Đokara and gnjurci, Enjoy sarma, Vox Populi, Witch1, Azra-el, etc.

The band was founded in the URMUS studio in the spring of 2005. Founders Vule, Trša, Đura, and Đole (with occasional appearances by Sloba and Sale at rehearsals) saw BendOver as an opportunity for socializing with beer and music, an escape from work and everyday life. Back then, Đura and Vule took turns on drums, even though things were creaking at all seams, dreams of stages and scenes were nurtured, and original work was still in the fog…

With the arrival of drummer Miljan at the end of 2005, we entered the first serious phase of work. The first gigs started the following year, and it became clear to everyone that our place was truly on stage, not in the studio. The lineup Miljan (drums), Vule and Đura (guitars), Đole (bass and vocals), and Trki (acoustic guitar and women) held until 2007 when Miljan decided to live off music and went in search of other opportunities. Drummer Miloš joined the band, with whom we had a good period of playing on big festival stages and our first travels.

In 2009, we took a break as the girls began to complain about how little attention they were getting. Poor softies that we are, we had to marry them, start families, and bore them. Only when they kicked us out of the house did we eagerly await the opportunity to reunite and play our instruments together again. This time with extra kilograms but even more seriously and more dedicated, practicing while cradles were rocking… The fire was not extinguished, and in 2012, we resumed our work, unfortunately without Trša, who dedicated himself to his family but took on the role of “manager for foreign affairs and estates.”

In 2014, Maki joined the band, bringing much-needed solidity to the sound that would remain our trademark to this day. Performances at festivals, clubs, and motorcycle parties followed, and for the first time, serious consideration was given to original, author work.

In the summer of 2016, we established our rehearsal studio, and Nidža took over the drums, adding professionalism and precision. The band set serious club standards, but the missing link remained the position of the vocalist. Auditions for a singer began then, but we couldn’t find someone convincing enough to take over the frontman role from Đole. Điđa came closest to this position, but his vision for a blues band differed from ours, and unfortunately, we didn’t align. Điđa founded the band Tilted, where Sloba, who used to come to our early rehearsals, is also a member. They are very successful club band and dear guests at our gigs. We also consider Best Before CRCB as a brotherly band. With these two bands (Tilted and Best Before), we shared gigs, studio time, instruments, equipment, rent, and both the good and the bad.

In the winter of 2016, Đura went abroad in pursuit of a better life, and after a few months of working with guitarist Toma, Panta joined as rhythm guitar and Buca as the vocalist in 2017. A new era of BendOver began. Buca, with his voice as if pouring whiskey into a Harley, brought soul to the band and original songs that had been dreamed of for so long. As a vocal legend in rock clubs, Buca also brought recognition in musical circles. Đole could finally breathe a sigh of relief and leave the microphone.

In 2018, Nidža also decided to make a living from music and dedicated himself to working in show business. Maki returned to the position of drummer. This lineup lasted until 2023 when Maki left the band for family reasons, and the role of drummer was taken over by Boris.

Original work

We began our original work in 2018 when the current lineup solidified. In the winter of 2018, we recorded three demo songs: “I Will Fight,” “Snake,” and “Bendover Please.” With these songs, the band applied to several demo music festivals and finally made it to the semi-finals of the 2019 Zaječar Gitarijada. By the jury’s decision, BendOver was declared the best band of Gitarijada 2019.

After the significant success at Gitarijada, we finalized the arrangements for the songs on our first album. Due to the pandemic, activities slowed down, but from September to December 2020, we recorded ten songs, completing our debut album. The album was recorded at Bendover Studio, in our own production, with mixing and mastering done at Down There Studio in 2021.

At the final of the 53rd Zaječar Gitarijada in 2019, the band was declared the best by the jury. At the 54th Zaječar Gitarijada in 2021, BendOver was proclaimed the best band in Gitarijada competitions in this century, and Buca received the “Momčilo Moša Radenković” award for the best vocal performance.

In early 2022, the band signed a contract with the record label Multimedia Music, releasing its debut album “Walls of the Past” in June of the same year. The album features 11 songs, including “I Will Fight,” “Poisonous Like Sin,” (new name for a song “Snake”) and previously unreleased tracks such as “Walls of the Past” and “This Is What I Am.”

In the spring of 2024, Boris joined the band as the drummer, and we commenced work on new songs and a new album.

We are convinced that the most beautiful part of the history of this band is yet to come… It’s time for BendOvering!

Original songs

    • Bendover please – BendOver, Please
    • Ti i ja – You and Me
    • Zidovi prošlosti – Walls of the Past
    • IdiJot – Idiot
    • Boriću se – I Will Fight
    • To sam što sam – That’s What I Am
    • Otrovna je kao greh – Poisonous Like a Sin
    • Hladna lejdi – Cold Lady
    • Poslednji ples – The Last Dance
    • Živ u zemlju zakopan – Buried Alive
    • Amnezija – Amnesia